packaging question: "binary-without-manpage"

Lars Wirzenius lars at
Wed Jan 7 08:38:17 GMT 2009

ti, 2009-01-06 kello 00:10 +0100, Khashayar Naderehvandi kirjoitti:
> > [1]
> >
> Thanks, that's exactly what I needed!
> I'm gonna start off with some really basic man page then, just to get
> it to the next step.

Excellent! The world needs fewer missing manual pages. Thank you.

A word of advice: even though the example on that wiki page has a lot of
empty lines and they happen to be in places that don't affect the output
much, you should get into the habit of avoiding empty lines, since they
often result in several successive empty lines in the output. Paragraph
breaks in manual pages are best done with the ".PP" command.

A tip: checking the formatting of your manual page, while you write it,
is very easy with "man -l foo.1" (where foo.1 is the filename you use).
(I tell you this because back when I was young and didn't think of
reading the man manpage I thought I had to install the file to /usr/man
in order to read it. I was young and stupid.)

Once you've written it, please send it also to upstream so that they may
include it in future releases. (If the package is in Debian already, you
should file a bug with the Debian bug tracking system to have it
included in the Debian package, too.)

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