BTRFS tools 0.18 and FF exception...

Luca Falavigna dktrkranz at
Mon Feb 23 08:27:15 GMT 2009

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Daniel J Blueman ha scritto:
> The current version of btrfs-tools in jaunty is 0.16, which is
> incompatible with BTRFS in 2.6.29 (when it's released in ~3 weeks).

If I've understood it correctly, BTRFS was merged into 2.6.29, will this
package become obsolete when Ubuntu will ship a kernel >= 2.6.29?

> Chris Mason may perform a standalone, unsupported BTRFS release for
> 2.6.28, so developers will be able to build this against jaunty's
> stock kernel also.

That would be great.

> Both of these paths will require the current btrfs-tools 0.18 release,
> as the mkfs.btrfs 0.16 in jaunty isn't disk-format compatible.

So, btrfs-tools has to be bumped too?

> As BTRFS support isn't provided with jaunty or it's kernel, is there
> any harm in someone spining btrfs-tools 0.18 and getting it through
> the feature freeze?

If mentioned packages are not functional right now, filing FFe bugs for
them is appropriate, please proceed and subscribe motu-release to start
the discussion.

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