Staging area for REVU uploads?

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at
Sat Feb 21 18:32:13 GMT 2009


I propose that we establish a PPA staging area for certain packages in  

There are several reasons why this could be practical:

  * At times, uploaders submit library packages, and also have other  
packages that depend on that library package uploaded for review. With  
the REVU PPA in listed in the pbuilder environments, it will be easy  
to build and review the dependent packages, without having to wait for  
the library package to reach the final archive.

* With the packages in a staging area, it would be easier and more  
convienient to invite people to do some preliminary installation and  
testing of the packages.

* We can continue some level of reviewing and uploading, even during FF.

* Certain build problems with packages might be exposed before being  
uploaded to the final archive.

* Perhaps it is possible to pull packages directly from the PPA into  
the NEW queue?


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