Nginx stable in ubuntu universe repository

Daniel Hahler ubuntu+lists at
Fri Feb 20 20:09:10 GMT 2009

Luca Falavigna schrieb:

> Ben Schwarz ha scritto:
>> Do you have a scheduled updated for these packages planned?
> Looking at upstream changelog, it seems nginx 0.6.35 contains only
> bugfixes, so it should be safe enough to ship new upstream release.
> The procedure consists in filing a new bug in Launchpad [1] asking for
> an upgrade and contacting a developer/contributor to manage the
> packaging, you can find some in #ubuntu-motu.
> [1]

I'm in the process of uploading 0.6.35-0ubuntu1 for Jaunty.

Ben, in case you want it for other Ubuntu releases, too, a backport
request [1] should get filed.

Personally, I'm building the "development" branch of nginx for my
server. I think 0.7.x is quite stable. But that's another issue.




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