REVU: Filtering and Tags

Siegfried Gevatter (RainCT) rainct at
Mon Feb 16 20:15:23 GMT 2009


2009/2/14 Siegfried Gevatter (RainCT) <rainct at>:
> I guess you get the idea... There are "updated" and "archived" which
> can be true/false/both, and there is "tag". As I've already said, more
> options will come in the future.

Now there are more options :). You can, in addition to the previous
possibilities, search for names containing a certain character
sequence, packages where a certain user commented one (you can list
multiple users, and it will look for packages where ANY -and not ALL-
of them has commented) and an exclusive tag search.

Also, you can get all this without manually messing with the URL: just
click the little "Search / Filter" link at the top right of any REVU
page! :)

Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
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