REVU: Filtering and Tags

Siegfried Gevatter (RainCT) rainct at
Sat Feb 14 21:14:20 GMT 2009


I've finally added support for tagging source packages on REVU. Tags
can be formed by alphanumeric characters and dashes ("-"), and both
Reviewers (ie, MOTUs) and Moderators can change the tags assigned to
source packages. Any name can be used as a tag, but the idea is that
there will be a few "official" ones used as part of the normal

They are displayed at the bottom of the details page (just above the
subscribers list). If you are a Moderator or Reviewer you'll see an
"[edit]" link next to them, which will allow you to change them using
an inline form (Ajax powered); to enumerate several tags, separate
them with spaces or commas. Another place where you can see tags is in
the "Tags Cloud", at Clicking the
name of any tag will show all (new and updated) unarchived packages
which have that tag set.

Another new feature is that I've reworked a bit the logic in the index
page so that you can now use customized filters (I guess I'll add some
more useful stuff and a search form within the next weeks/months :)).
Some examples:

- See all
updated (not new) packages, both unarchived and archived ones.

- See both, new and updated,
packages (only unarchived).

 - Same as above
but only showing packages tagged "sample".

I guess you get the idea... There are "updated" and "archived" which
can be true/false/both, and there is "tag". As I've already said, more
options will come in the future.


And now, it's your turn. What are we going to use tags for? Discuss! :)

Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
Ubuntu Developer. Debian Contributor.

P.S.: In case someone feels the URLs above would be nice to use in
some script, please don't! If you would like raw data for something
just ask me instead and I'll make a proper text interface available
(like I've already done for the Hall of Fame).

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