getting a version of wxPython to compile for Ubuntu

Michael Bienia michael at
Sat Feb 14 14:16:45 GMT 2009

On 2009-02-11 18:59:32 -0600, David Mashburn wrote:
> Dear WxWindows maintainer(s),
> What is the simplest way to get a compiled version of wxPython to run on
> the latest Ubuntu for testing?  I am working on a modification of
> PyCrust and wanted to test some changes in the wxStyledTextControl
> source (mainly, updating the Scintilla component).
> I definitely DON'T want to overwrite the main version of wx on my
> machine (obviously)!

There are several options you have:
- separate partition where you can install the development version
- a chroot with the development version
- virtualization (kvm, virtualbox) and installing the development
  version there

for a overview about the different options and their advantages/


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