Morten Kjeldgaard mok0 at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 13 11:42:52 GMT 2009

Hi Remo,

> I don't really know if I'm at the right address. If it's not, please
> send this email forward to the maintainer of ical2sqlite!!
> Reoccurring events aren't working completely with the version 0.1
> Attached you find the patch for the main.c file
> I double checked the values with sqlitebrowser.
> The reoccurrencies are perfectly working on my iPhone now!

The mailing list is actually not the best place to submit patches,
nobody will know if it gets applied, and after a while people will
forget about it.

The best way to report bugs for Ubuntu is via our bug tracking system at

The procedure is to file the bug under the source package it belongs to,
for your convenience I enclose the relevant link:


There's a "Report a Bug" button on that page. The bug report has
facilities for attaching files, so you can attach the patch and tick off
the box that says the attachment is a patch.

You probably need to register/log on to LP first, but with your
programming skills (demonstrated by your patch) you may be able to help
fixing other bugs, so having an account will enable you to help us even


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