motu-release team needs members

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Tue Feb 10 21:27:00 GMT 2009


thanks to Iulian, we're back at 4 members right now. Maybe someone is 
still interested in becoming the 5th member, so that we'd be back at
full strength for jaunty's freeze?

Quoting myself:
> If you know the impact of upgrades at late stages, don't shy away from reading 
> changelogs and patches, also have the ability to make unliked decisions like 
> rejecting freeze exceptions, then motu-release needs you. Please send in your 
> application as reply to this thread.

Oh, and being a MOTU is required.

Side-word: Imho we could also need bug-triagers that help with looking at 
and sorting incomplete FFe requests, or to ping FFe requestors after 
some time of inactivity... 
Is this the right list to ask for those? (If not, please bounce to the 
correct location).


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