Widelands 13

Martin Olsson mnemo at minimum.se
Tue Feb 10 09:34:18 GMT 2009

ja at marvec.org wrote:
> I'd like to ask whether there are any plans to update Widelands in Ubuntu
> 8.10 to version 13 which is already out for a while...

In general Ubuntu does _NOT_ update packages in released versions of the distro.
Exxceptions are made for security issues and for very nasty bugs. Updating a package
just to get a new version pretty much never happens. This is because:

* it takes man power away from the current development release
* the risk of regressions

If you really want the new version anyway, you can always install it
manually or try to see if someone packaged it at getdeb or similar.

I checked in jaunty now and it seems that the current jaunty version
of widelands is 1:12-3 :(

Hopefully someone will package v13 before jaunty at least.

> Many thanks,
> Martin


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