Nathan Handler nhandler at
Fri Feb 6 04:44:04 GMT 2009

Hello Ubuntu MOTUs,

I'm sure you are all aware of what today is. Today is REVU Day! REVU Days are
designed to encourage Ubuntu Developers and Contributors to take some time out
of their busy schedules to review packages on REVU [1]. People who have uploaded
packages to REVU and are awaiting MOTU feedback are encouraged to join
#ubuntu-motu on This makes it easier for MOTUs to ask the
uploader questions or provide feedback. If you are not currently a MOTU, you can
still help out on REVU Days by looking through packages that have been uploaded
to REVU and making suggestions. Even though you are not able to advocate the
package, your feedback is very valuable, and it will help speed up the review
process. You can look at [2] and [3] for a some common things to look for when
reviewing packages. Remember, due to the different time zones, REVU Days last
for 50 hours, and do not end until Friday has ended everywhere in the world.

Happy reviewing,
Nathan Handler (nhandler)
REVU Coordinator


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