sailcut 3.8.0

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at
Sun Dec 13 10:24:19 GMT 2009

mario yoddlerboy wrote:

>   I am unable to force the package (from the synaptic manager) to upgrade the only version 1.8 (?) to the most current release. note there is no listing for versions other than the original "jaunty" version current ubuntu OS is 9.04.

I cannot reproduce any problems installing sailcut, on neither jaunty mor 
karmic. The version of sailcut currently in karmic is 1.3.3, jaunty has 
1.3.2. The newsest version on upstreams website is 1.3.4. I can't find any 
information about a version named 3.8.0.

You shouldn't need to "force" anything; in fact it is a bad idea and is 
likely to screw up your system.

>   I am an aspiring small boat designer/builder, NOT for sale or profit. Being recently retired I'm heading for the mid atlantic florida coast. my intention is to use this program for panel/conical development of sheet plywood. any/all information concerning obtaining a copy of working software will be most appreciated. 

Sounds nice, good luck! :-)


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