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Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at
Tue Dec 8 00:41:20 GMT 2009

2009/12/7 Lucas Nussbaum <lucas at>:
> Hi,
> The following source packages:
> - are in universe or multiverse
> - are not in Debian unstable
> - have not been updated in Ubuntu since Ubuntu hardy (=> same version in
>  hardy and lucid)
> - are installed on less than 0.1% of Ubuntu systems, according to popcon
>  (=> popcon < 1400 installations)
> I have gone through each of them, and I think that they are good
> candidates for removal from Ubuntu. Could you please go through the
> list, and try to find packages that should be kept for some reason?

> qemacs

I love it =) I guess I'll switch to something else for editor in ssh
terminal. There are plenty of alternatives for small-scale emacs-like
editors. Although I think this is the only small one which does X11
with really cool effects. Oh well =)

> sword-text-viet
> sword-text-tagalog
> sword-text-itadio
> sword-text-rst
> sword-text-frelsg

These are bibles! Hence they don't change very often.... And they were
part of debian. My team (Debian/Ubuntu) pkg-crosswire were meant to
take over these and update them, but unfortunately that didn't happen
yet =( There are alternative means to download them (not using apt but
crosswire frontends). We got into an argument with upstream on how to
package these and handle them in front-ends. So for now please remove
them cause none of the frontends are currently available in Ubuntu
which will automagiclly pick these up.

> Of course, that's a lot of packages. But remember that:
> 1/ they have a very low popcon
> 2/ they have not seen any upload during the last two years
> 3/ they haven't been seen as important enough to be uploaded to Debian
> 4/ if mistakes are made, the packages are still available in the archive
>   (since they are in hardy)
> And, to reassure yourself, you can take a look at the update-apt package
> (which is one of those with the highest popcon). I can spot at least 4
> typos in the description, and its functionality is something that can be
> provided by a 1-line shell script.
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