emergent neural network simulator needs advocates for feature freeze

Brian J Mingus Brian.Mingus at Colorado.EDU
Thu Aug 27 00:20:03 BST 2009

I have two packages in REVU, one for emergent, and one for libquarter which it depends on:


I realize these are a bit late, however we only released version 5 of our software 2 days ago. I have been working very hard since then. The packages work in a karmic virtual machine, but not pbuilder (and thus not a PPA). This is due to a bug where getting libqt4-dev (which includes the mesagl headers) does not actually allow you to use the QtOpenGL headers. It works perfectly in a karmic vmware virtual machine. I have also had my own apt repository since hardy, so the software is quite ubuntu friendly. 

I would greatly appreciate it if two MOTUs would advocate my package. I am available to fix any and all issues. Here is emergent's home page: http://grey.colorado.edu/emergent/index.php/Main_Page

Thank you,
Brian Mingus
Professional Research Assistant
Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
University of Colorado at Boulder

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