Frescobaldi bug (#415137)

Jon Arnold jonarnoldsemail at
Tue Aug 25 19:49:00 BST 2009

I'm emailing this list in the hopes that someone will look at this
I posted it a week ago with no response since, and it has become quite
annoying for me because I have to keep uninstalling the package because
version lock doesn't apply to partial upgrades.

I am wondering why this package (Frescobaldi- a Lilypond editor for KDE) is
dependent on kdebase and not kdebase-bin. Upgrading to the Ubuntu package
from the PPA tries to install a lot of KDE bloat for a GNOME user. It would
be a lot leaner for it to depend on kdebase-bin.

I hope someone will look at the bug and discuss it there.


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