qtstalker package in synaptic package manager

Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 10:29:27 BST 2009


Please spell check your emails and please try to write them in full
sentences. English is not my mother tongue and it was somewhat hard to
understand. See reply inline.

2009/8/23 mike obike <mike_o_bike at yahoo.co.uk>:
> i presume i am writing to hte right people?

Yes and no. Most of the packages ubuntu gets from Debian although
there are ubuntu modifications to the package debian revision number
suggests that Ubuntu was not the first one to package it, we got it
from Debian.

> spm seems to thinel that the latest version  of qtatalker is 0.32
> in fact it is now 0.36

I presume that "spm" = "Synaptic Package Manager". To be precise
Synaptic/apt show exactly which version is availables from the
repositories you have set up on your local machine.

According to this page [1] qtstalker had upstream version number 0.32
since hardy, there were 3 Debian uploads and 2 Debian
"Non-maintainer-uploads" with currently single ubuntu "patch-upload"

Based on this information it looks like this package is rotting in Debian.

So I've looked at [2] which showed that maintainer Marco van
Zwetselaar <zwets at zwets.com> made last upload to debian just before
Christmas in 2005.

Following from that I've looked at Debian Quality Assurance page for
this package [3]. Which showed some promise. Maintainer Marco van
Zwetselaar did an upload of update package to mentors.debian.net that
means not a Debian Developer and hence seeking sponsorship.

To further investigate this package I've looked at the only open bug
[4] (#429827). From what it looks like there is dependency problem:

| Note that Qtstalker depends on TA-Lib which isn't in Debian yet.  (My
| ITP for TA-Lib expired after a year.)  My packages for TA-Lib are at
| mentors and my site as well [3,4].

> could you update spm so that the latesst package is installed

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