Fwd: [Launchpad-users] Your top three wishes for Launchpad? (4.0 planning)

Andreas Moog andreas-launchpad at warperbbs.de
Thu Aug 20 22:07:41 BST 2009

Andrew SB wrote:

> With the 3.0 release coming up soon, we're beginning the 4.0 planning
> process.  To help with prioritization, we'd like to know your top 3
> wishes for Launchpad 4.0.  Please follow up in this thread, and...

1. Be able to specify (and filter on) bugs found in a specific package
   version, like the debian BTS has.

2. Update bugwatches more frequently. I know that this is most often a
   problem with the remote bugtracker but Launchpad could retry more

3. Be able to create bazaar branches not depending on specifying a
   project or using +junk. I want to push to lp:~user/project/branch
   without the need of creating the project beforehand.


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