Advice on Packaging (II)

Miguel Pérez Colino jabali.feliz at
Mon Apr 27 08:36:33 BST 2009

Hello everybody

I'm trying to package software from FreeIPA proyect.

I've already started packaging and I've finally made a package for
swiggle, a small static gallery generator.
Here it is in my PPA:
It's also been uploaded to REVU to see if it can be included in the
next Ubuntu version.
This was fine as it only has two dependencies and provides a single binary.

My next step is packaging SSSD from FreeIPA which would be really
useful to Ubuntu, please take a look:

I need some help / info / documentation on how to make different
packages (including one library) from the same source.
Could anyone provide some advice / info / link?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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