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Maia Kozheva inetperson at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 14:27:47 BST 2009

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Actually, we could follow the ffmpeg precedent here.

To elaborate: before intrepid, the ffmpeg package was in universe (later main)
and had restricted codecs disabled, which forced users of restricted-codec
versions to install them from medibuntu. In intrepid, ffmpeg was moved to
multiverse with extra codecs enabled, but at the same time it introduced a new
package: ffmpeg-debian, based on the Debian version without restricted codecs.

We could do something similar here and add an mplayer-debian package.

In general, the handling of restricted codecs in Ubuntu has been inconsistent.
Another example of parallel packages is gtkpod, where the version without AAC
support is named simply gtkpod (and autosynced from Debian) but the more
functional version is named gtkpod-aac and has to be merged manually.

Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> Maia Kozheva <inetperson at gmail.com> writes:
>> - It does no harm in Debian as it is, except for debcheck warnings.
>> - mplayer-nogui is available in Ubuntu, and I would rather keep the same package
>> in Debian and Ubuntu.
>> - mplayer-nogui is available in debian-multimedia.org, which many Debian users
>> install mplayer from for extra patent-restricted codecs.
>> - There is a bug report (#523842) in Debian itself to add an mplayer-nogui
>> package, confirmed by one of the maintainers, so I presume an mplayer-nogui
>> package may appear in Debian soon.
> I think we really should replace the mplayer package from multiverse
> with the package currently in debian/main.
> The main obstacle would probably be to re-introduce mencoder in the
> package, but that shouldn't be too hard, I'd think.

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