pcsclite upstream in debian repositories

Yann . ankou29666 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 14 13:54:59 BST 2009


I'm currently developping an app using libpcsclite and I need a feature that's been added in 1.5.

Ubuntu's version is currently 1.4.102. However, there is an upstream version (1.5.2) which is available in debian unstable repository (appears not to be in lenny/stable).

I've been successful in building the package for ubuntu, i just updated control and changes files, but perhaps forgot some stuff.
As i'm not a pro in building packages and putting them in the distribution, could you please update it ? shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.
If you do so, in which versions of ubuntu will this new package be available ?

Thanks a lot.
Yannick Cotten

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