Boinc in Intrepid

Daniel Hahler ubuntu+lists at
Tue Oct 28 21:56:12 GMT 2008

dorian bannier wrote:

> I made an update yesterday of ubuntu (hardy -> intrepid) and I was 
> surprised to see the version 6.2.12 of boinc in Intrepid. In Hardy, it's 
> the version 6.2.14.

As stated by Saša already, you've probably installed in from external

> So, Boinc doesn't work with the projects who use certificate.

There is a bug report about this:

The bug appears to be related to ca-certificates, according to the last

The difference between the Debian/Ubuntu and upstream package is
probably that the former uses a symlink to the certificates from
ca-certificates, whereas the latter ships an own bundle of certificates.



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