A dependency of the package 'magicrescue'

Máté Gergely gerymate at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 01:13:29 GMT 2008

Hi Dan,

2008/10/27 Daniel J Blueman <daniel.blueman at gmail.com>:
>> I have found that the package 'magicrescue' probably lacks one of its
>> not-so-obvious dependency. Magicrescue is used to search for lost
>> data. When magicrescue is used to search for lost JPEG files, it tries
>> to use the program 'jpegtran', a tool located at the 'libjpeg-progs'
>> package. However, installing the package 'magicrescue' does not
>> install 'libjpeg-progs'.
> I believe this and other packages should be on the 'recommends' list,
> since they aren't strict dependencies; the same applies for the
> 'dcraw' package, used to extract camera raw images.
> Does this make sense? BTW, not sure if my mail will hit the list or not...

The matter is that as someone tries to recover JPEG images, what is
one of the about 10 basic use case for magicrescue, than libjpeg-progs
becomes a dependency; in other words, the tool does not work without

Magicrescue uses so called 'recipes' to recover different file types.
One of the recipes installed by default is a recipe for JPEG. I think
that either that recipe should not be included, or the packages needed
to do the work should be installed.

In the current state, the software offers to extract JPEG images with
a single command line switch, but when that is chosen, it does not
work properly. It simply complains about not finding 'jpegtran' any
time it finds a lost JPEG. It even does not stop there: it continues
with the search. Bad behavior...

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