[Brainstorm-moderators] Using Brainstorm for packaging requests

Kami ROUSSEAU kamikulture at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 16 19:38:41 BST 2008

Packaging request could be located in a different ideatorrent subdomain.

> Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 14:28:48 -0400
> From: oxmosys at gmail.com
> To: rainct at ubuntu.com
> CC: ubuntu-motu at lists.ubuntu.com; brainstorm-moderators at lists.launchpad.net
> Subject: Re: [Brainstorm-moderators] Using Brainstorm for packaging requests
> I agree with RainCT that brainstorm might be a very interesting way to
> measure how many people are interested by new packages.
> However, IMO, Launchpad is still the right place to consider packaging
> requests because it also needs to be reviewed for many reasons :
>   - dependencies and libraries
>   - stability
>   - maintainability
>   - state of upstream project (active? abandoned? too young? about to
> change?)
> This needs to be done by packagers and developers, and a bug report is
> designed to work around these elements.
> Brainstorm moderation rules could perhaps be updated so packaging
> requests don't get closed in the future, but I think that it's still
> always necessary to have a launchpad bug report for each packaging
> request. Working that way would be a good idea, in my point of view.
> This way, brainstorm could be used for visibility purpose, discussion
> and to measure popularity. Launchpad can be used for collaboration and
> work on the package itself.
> Saïvann
> Siegfried Gevatter (RainCT) a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> Currently [0] requests for new packages are done on Launchpad and they
>> are not allowed on Brainstorm. However, I think that this situation is
>> not optimal as there's no good way to know how many people are
>> interested in a package * and so if someone wants to package one of
>> those requested applications he has no clue on which of them are the
>> most popular.
>> I suggests that Brainstorm becomes the preferres place instead. Here
>> are some advantages that this would have:
>>  - Option to vote +1/0/-1 for the idea, and to suggest alternative
>> applications which do the same task **.
>>  - Place to comment without polluting the Launchpad bug.
>>  - All requests reviewed by a moderator **.
>>  - It's the obvious place for them ("package X" is an idea, isn't it? :)).
>> [0] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages
>> * Okay, there will be a "also affects me" count in the future (right
>> now you can mark a bug as affecting you, but there's no place where
>> the count of affected people is visible), but still, Brainstorm is
>> more adequate and has more visibility than Launchpad (and nice banners
>> to make requests more popular).
>> ** With the new version of Brainstorm, which will get online once the
>> Canonical sysadmins get time to update it. Preview here:
>> http://devel.ideatorrent.org/.
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