Taher Uddin taheruddink at yahoo.co.in
Fri Oct 10 11:50:09 BST 2008


have a small network of three computer. I want to setup a small proxy
server thus I can serve other computer as a small ISP. I setup "squid
(2.6.18)" and configured it. But other computers' browser shows an error. the error is 
        Name server returns                 timeout

Then I tried to setup DNS server "Bind9" and configured it. But failed to make it working. Error remained same.

I saw "dnsproxy". I setup it and trying to configure. But I found no
help on internet. Please help me how can I configure "dnsproxy" and
make a tiny ISP ?? 

I have a Nokia EDGE modem as PPP0 and LAN card as eth0. My LAN IP is and modem uses dynamic IP address.

Please consider that I am a very new Linux user.

I live in a hostel of a university as a student of Urban Planning. Here many student tried to do this but fail because of Linux ignorance.


I am waiting for help.

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