Compiz with dual head

Jørn Villesen Christensen mail at
Sun Oct 5 00:04:12 BST 2008


I write to you as the maintainer of the compiz-core package for Ubuntu.

Just got another monitor for my Dell laptop and immediately fired it up. 
I don't like the Xinerame/TwinView, so I configured them as two separate 

I noticed two bugs partly in the compiz-script, and partly in the compiz 
engine itself. I modified the /usr/bin/compiz script to correct this. 
Hope you accept the changes.

First bug is in the part of comparing the resolution to the max 3d 
texture size. When you have two screens set up, xdpyinfo and glxinfo 
writes out output for each screen, in which case the test faild. test 
(or [ .. ]) got too many arguments. I fixed it so it checks each screen.

Second bug is related to the core of compiz manifested itself in that 
one of the screens(*) were slow to open up and resizing windows, as well 
as the menus were quite slow to pop up. Slow meaning ~1 sec. The other 
screen worked fine. The problem is described on [1] and [2] and the 
latter one also gives a solution: --only-current-screen

I therefore implemented compiz to start a compiz.real on each screen 
with the option set. I kind of realize that this may rather be a 
work-around (treating symptoms) rather than a real bugfix - but it fixes 
things for me and perhaps you will investigate the matter more / file a 
bug report to compiz dev team.

A diff is attached. Hope you find it useful.


(*) I only noticed the problem on screen 0 - but I did not test it 
consistently long enough to say it always happens on screen 0 and never 
on 1.

Best regards
Jørn Christensen

Ps.: If this mail is a bit messy, it's because I'm rather tired atm. Sorry.

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