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Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Fri Oct 3 18:23:49 BST 2008


On Friday 03 October 2008 14:01:42 Devid Antonio Filoni wrote:
> 2008/10/3 Stefan Potyra <sistpoty at>:
> > Hi,
> Hi Stefan
> > On Thursday 02 October 2008 22:25:16 Nicolas Valcárcel wrote:
> >
> > Also, I'd be interested about a personal nitpick: The ghc6 package as in
> > intrepid right now, hasn't seen a new upstream version since hardy, but
> > was updated with a number of fixes since then, a few irrelevant to hardy
> > (e.g. adding a script that produces some output during the time-taking
> > build, so that slow buildds won't fail due to timeout), but some which
> > fix imho important bugs. How would you react if I'd request the current
> > version in intrepid to go into hardy-updates?
> I would say you to make a debdiff of the fixes for important bugs, If
> you want other things I would suggest you to ask for a backport.

On Friday 03 October 2008 02:29:19 Nicolas Valcárcel wrote:
> I would suggest to use -backports instead of -updates, since it will be
> the same package as the one in the devel release, so that would be my
> suggestion.

ok, what possible problems would both of you see with getting the current 
version into -updates?
Also, would you think that there are possible advantages of doing so?


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