REVU: Go review :)

Siegfried Gevatter (RainCT) rainct at
Thu Nov 27 17:43:08 GMT 2008


And here is the fourth REVU Day this cycle, this time with a working REVU :).

As usual, you can find some selected targets at From those, the following ones have
currently no unfixed problem and are awaiting to be reviewed:

There's also package uifilite, which has got an advocate from Emmet
(\o/) and is waiting for a second one:

Please spend some time reviewing those and any other package an REVU,
preferably processing them in FIFO order (that is, starting from the
top of the queue :)).

=== About REVU Day ===

REVU Day is a weekly event during which Ubuntu Developers and
Contributors are encouraged to spend some extra time reviewing
packages on REVU (

If you have good packaging knowledge: go look at some packages :).

Or, if you have a package there yourself waiting for review, try to be
available on #ubuntu-motu so that reviewers can contact you (and from
time to time ask for reviews so that people notice your package).
Also, don't forget to read before.

Happy reviewing,

Siegfried-A. Gevatter (RainCT)
REVU Coordinator

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