REVU - Cleanup of the "Needs Review" section

Onkar Shinde onkarshinde at
Tue Nov 4 15:40:47 GMT 2008

On Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 8:30 PM, Siegfried-Angel
<siggi.gevatter at> wrote:
>> I can download diff.gz for the package, extract it and then
>> check control file to see build dependencies but then it will be
>> tiresome after some time.
> You can browse the files on REVU without downloading anything, btw.

I meant opening diff.gz (at least) and tar.gz (nice to have) inline in
the browser. That does not work for me. Might be there is problem with
the content type returned by REVU or the setting in firefox. On a side
note the build logs in launchpad are opened inline. This is observed
on both hardy as well as intrepid with firefox from official

>> So if there was a way to add keywords to the package it will make life
>> easy for reviewers. If this was automated even better. I will be glad
>> if REVU simply told me what the build dependencies of the package are
>> by extracting them from control file.
> Tags is something I considered, but didn't pursue because I'm unsure
> about their actual usefulness (see Launchpad ^^).

Right. Tags have to be predefined and limited in number to be of good use.

> However, I've just though about this now and I think it's actually a
> good idea. Having a limited set of tags *and* automation (so that when
> a package is imported it is tagged automatically but people can add
> and remove tags after that) could work.
> What do you think about this solution and, if you're happy with it, do
> you think anyone should be able to modify tags or only the uploader +
> moderators + reviewers? Finally, could you suggest a list of tags and
> ways how to automatically find packages for them?

A complete automated way of tagging is fine for me.
I would prefer people not having ability to add/edit tags. Or we could
limit it to just moderators + reviewers (not uploaders) provided they
are predefined.
Along with tags you could also display the short description from
control file in the table on main page, if that is possible.

> Here are some possible ones that I've just come up with right now:
> python
> ----------
>  - The name of at least one binary package starts with "python-".
>  - Or, "" is included into debian/rules.
>  - Section: python
>  - Some other way? (Checking the dependencies isn't a good option as
> non-python applications can include scripts/etc written in Python and
> so depend on it).
> library
> ----------
>  - Source or binary package in section "libs".
> perl
> ---------
>  - Binary package name ending with "-perl".

These look fine. I can suggest following for java. Not sure how easy
they are to implement.

 - Build dependency as one of the many possible java compilers.
 - Source or binary package name ending with -java.

 - Build dependency ant.

 - Dependency on tomcat or other application servers.

You can also add tags based on ...
1. patch system used, if any ex. cdbs, quilt, dpatch.
2. GUI toolkit build dependency. ex. GTK, QT, wxwidgets etc.
3. Version number like 'not-in-debian' if version is of the form
-0ubuntuX. Or 'svn-snapshot' if version contains '+svnDDMMYY'.

Hope this helps.


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