REVU - Cleanup of the "Needs Review" section

Onkar Shinde onkarshinde at
Tue Nov 4 05:05:18 GMT 2008

Instead of replying to the comments made already I am trying to
present the points which I think are the root causes behind the large
number of items in the queue.

1. Man power
IIRC, there was time when only MOTU and Core Dev members could review
the package. A normal user could not add comment on someone else's
This is no more the case. But are people aware of this? I am sure
someone who has fixed or helped fixing more than 10 packages in a
cycle will make a good reviewer even though he has never created a
package from scratch.

2. Improvement to REVU
One of the main reason that has put me off from doing major
participation in review is that there is no easy way to select the
packages for review. I have absolutely zero knowledge about how python
apps work. Also at any point of time I would prefer reviewing java
application/library to a C/C++ application. But currently I can not
just take a look at REVU and know which packages fit into the
criteria. I can download diff.gz for the package, extract it and then
check control file to see build dependencies but then it will be
tiresome after some time.
So if there was a way to add keywords to the package it will make life
easy for reviewers. If this was automated even better. I will be glad
if REVU simply told me what the build dependencies of the package are
by extracting them from control file.

I hope these points will be useful in the discussion.


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