REVU - Cleanup of the "Needs Review" section

Michael Casadevall sonicmctails at
Sun Nov 2 23:22:01 GMT 2008

Talking on IRC, I think a good comprise is limiting direct uploads to
REVU to those with Ubuntu Universe Contributor. The reasoning behind
this is that someone who has UUC is more likely to stick around, and
know who to ask to help get sponsors and the packaging is less likely
to require hand holding.

Currently, the REVU login proces just grabs the key of the user who
logins from Launchpad, but we can modify that so it checks the group,
and only installs the GPG keys if the user is UUC or greater. As some
people know, we have a PPA importer on REVU, so I suggest for non-UUC
who wish to build packages, we limit them to importing, and it will
only import if the build has been successful so at least there is a
know good start to packaging.

On Sun, Nov 2, 2008 at 5:27 PM, Kasper Peeters
<kasper.peeters at> wrote:
>> I believe there are many in the Ubuntu community that feel more
>> comfortable setting up packages for inclusion in Ubuntu as opposed
>> to Debian, but that may be because they just aren't really aware of
>> the Debian process.
> Yes, I think this is a major issue. Ubuntu just feels much friendlier
> to many people.
> (In addition, I had the experience of a Debian sponsor bailing out
> half-way through the process, with no-one else stepping in. That's
> when I decided that perhaps the Ubuntu route would be less painful).
> So if you decide that people should take their packages on REVU and
> submit them to Debian, I guess that many would appreciate some help
> finding a Debian sponsor, rather than being dumped in unknown
> territory.
>> There may be a package from months ago that would greatly benefit
>> the community, and one that is a week old may only be used by one
>> user.
> Keep in mind though that quite often the people who would benefit from
> a package being accepted are not the ones to hang out on REVU. That
> is, I suppose, another reason why some packages simply never get
> reviewed: even though the packager knows that his work would be
> appreciated by many others, none of those potential users do reviews
> on REVU.
> Cheers,
> Kasper
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