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Stephen Paul Lander red.nalevets at hispeed.ch
Sat Nov 1 16:27:26 GMT 2008

Dear ubuntu-motu,
It's OK, after some trial and error I have located my keepass database. What confused me was that KeepassX did not automatically add the .kdb extension to the database file.
Everything's OK now.
Thanks a lot anyway and kindest regards,
Steve Lander

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Subject: 	Keepassx database location
Date: 	Fri, 31 Oct 2008 17:52:48 +0100
From: 	Stephen Paul Lander <red.nalevets at hispeed.ch>
To: 	ubuntu-motu at lists.ubuntu.com

Dear ubuntu-motu,
I have installed Keepassx on ubuntu 8.04 and keep a number of passwords
there. Using Keepassx, I then opened another keepass database (.kdb)
which was on a USB stick. That opened fine. However, Keepassx now cannot
find my original database. What is this original database called, and
where can I find it in the file system of ubuntu 8.04?
Thanks a lot for your help and kindest regards,
Steve Lander

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