REVU - Cleanup of the "Needs Review" section

Kasper Peeters kasper.peeters at
Sun Nov 2 09:42:46 GMT 2008

> I'm pondering on running a script to move all those which don't have
> "jaunty" in debian/copyright to the "Needs work" section, leaving a
> comment asking to change it to "jaunty", check the standards version
> and some general recommendations (or perhaps just a link to a new wiki
> page), so that we get ride of all those packages whose author isn't
> coming back or which still need work anyway. I do understand that this
> could be annoying for some users, though, so I'm asking here to hear
> some more thoughts. Does anyone have strong objections to this?

I think this is a very bad idea, which does not actually solve the
problem anyway: the fact that there simply are not enough

In my own experience, it is _very_ hard to get a new package into
Ubuntu, or Debian for that matter. I have tried for many months with
some of my own software, and the lack of any kind of feedback can be
pretty frustrating (I understand the reason, and I am not blaming
anyone). Auto-expiring REVU packages does not improve that situation
at all.

What should have the focus is getting more reviewers and more MOTUs,
e.g. by making the process to become a MOTU simpler and simplifying
the packaging guides so new packagers have a higher chance of needing
less help. That's the real problem, IMHO.


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