MOTU Meeting minutes for May 9th, 2008.

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Hi folks
Please find below the minutes from the MOTU meeting dated May 9th, 2008. You can also find these minutes at Feel free to contact me or the list if you feel something needs clarrification.

Meeting Minutes for Friday, May 9th, 2008.

= Name/need for MOTU fan club? =

 * Jordon brought up something that was raised at a previous MOTU meeting, in that some people wish to have a Launchpad team to join, to show association with MOTU/universe development.
 * Points were raised as to this being used purely as a badge hunt.
 * Jordon then stated that it could be used for people to show interest in helping MOTU, dispite the fact they are not yet an Ubuntu member, etc.
 * Jordon will write an email to the MOTU mailing list about the idea, and if there is enough interest, a wiki page can be written up.

= Require 7 day aging period in -proposed for SRUs? =

 * Jordon raised the issue of the MOTU stable release updates (SRU) procedure stating that 2 + votes, and 0 - votes are needed for a package to be copied to -updates. There is nothign said about an aging period. However, Archive admins let uploads to proposed age for 7 days before taking further action.
 * Jordon, as an SRU team member, believed that the two procedures should be synced appropriately, allowing for room to move if needed.
 * It was agreed to do this, by all at the meeting, however some felt that other SRU members not at the meeting, should be emailed and asked about their thoughts. As Luke was at the meeting, he already voiced his agreement.

= General thoughts on microrelease exceptions to "minimal diff" requirement for SRUs =

 * At the current time, the technical board approves packages that make stable micro-releases available, such as firefox, thunderbird, and postgresql.
 * Jordon believes that MOTU SRU could approve packages in universe that have a similar scheme, such as GNOME related packages that have a stable branching scheme.
 * Jordon wold like to see this as being possible, as in its current form, SRUs usually only fix one bug, whereas a new upstrea micro-release may fix the SRU bug, as well as 4/5 other bugs, that while not reported in ubuntu, are still good to have fixed.
 * Others at the meeting agreed that this is something that would be worthwhile pursuing. Jordon says he is already discussing with the relevant release management aprties about this, as well as looking into what testing is done upstream, where the package is likely to get more testing than it would in -proposed.

= Next MOTU Meeting =

It was decided that due to UDS being under way in two weeks time, the next MOTU meeting will be on the 30th of May, at 12:00 UTC.
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