Introducing a new web view on Debian Packages that Need Lovin'

Sebastian Pipping webmaster at
Tue Mar 25 15:56:03 GMT 2008

== Intro ==
I have been working on a new view onto the "bugs" related to
Debian's "Work-Needing and Prospective Packages", "wnpp"
for short. Please check it out at


There also is a feed to keep you up to date at the top of page.
More details below. Thanks for your attention, please CC me
in replies, please report bugs you may find.

== Goals ==
The page tries to answer questions like:

- Which packages need help at all?
- Which of these packages
   - are most popular/important?
   - are in need of help for the longest time?
   - ..

== Data set and source ==
A cron job updates 200 bugs every 30 minutes.
Relavant bugs are all open bugs for package wnpp.
The data is fetched through the BTS Soap interface [1].

== Source code ==
The source code is licensed under "GPL 2 or later"
and can be browsed online at [2]:



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