REVU migration and some internals

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Sun Mar 23 17:11:23 GMT 2008


with sparky, the current revu host, showing signs of aging, it's time to 
migrate REVU over to a new box. I've just finished a setup of REVU on spooky 
(the missing bits are to setup exim there... Reinhard, can we use faui45 
there as smarthost as well?).

I've also migrated all revu user accounts from sparky, so you should be able 
to log into the new revu instance quite away (in case you want to do some 
testing, if I messed things up *g*).

What's better:
* dual core ultrasparc 2, more juice
* much more memory, hence won't spend all time swapping on heavy loads
* doesn't show signs of aging, so I hope to not have to hit the reset button 
that often

What's worse:
* hdd space, we've got 2x18 Gb in there, one is used as root fs, the other as 
storage space for revu packages. That's not much.

Now we'll need to find out some migration plan:

1) restart with a fresh REVU.
* no work for me :)
* we automatically get rid of stale/old packages
* hdd space would not run out too soon
* we're loosing history (e.g. debdiffs to earlier packages, old comments etc.)

2) weed out all old packages, copy everything over then.
* history is preserved
* currently REVU is already using ~30 Gb, so we'd have to remove quite a bunch 
of uploads until we could start with migration.
* work for me *g*.

Other ideas?

P.S.: In contrast to sparky, spooky is currently not a shared developer box, 
however the ubuntuwire server admins have root there as well. So in case that 
revu/spooky is making trouble, come to #ubuntuwire please :).

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