In an attempt to make some things right...

Sarah Hobbs hobbsee at
Thu Mar 20 13:36:25 GMT 2008

Hey all,

After i banned Marco (kmos) from #ubuntu-motu, #ubuntu-devel, and 
#ubuntu-bugs, there was excessive channel noise, and I received many 
emails, including from people high in authority, about how this was not 
to be done, that MOTU is not anarchy, and that the channel decisions 
should be made by the relevant Councils.  If it was considered that they 
had not done so in a reasonable length of time, I (and we) were asked to 
take evidence of it to Jono Bacon, and he would review it justly.  This 
offer still stands.

Consequently, I've undone these bans.  If the MOTU council wishes to 
reinstate these bans, they will need to send public, written, non-irc 
communication requesting what type of bans they would like, and in what 
channels.  Fortunately, I am not on the council, and my original bans 
have been reversed, so it is no longer my concern, nor my problem to 
deal with.  I trust that the MOTU council will make wise decisions in 
this matter, and will not lose good contributors in the process.

Good luck on the hardy release!


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