MOTU Leaders wiki page

Emmet Hikory persia at
Sun Mar 16 05:33:27 GMT 2008

    Leadership in the MOTU team has long been a topic of discussion,
with various teams and roles identified over time to meet immediate
needs.  As MOTU grows, there are more and more leaders and roles,
which may be a source of confusion for newcomers.

    To help reduce this confusion from the ever growing list of
contacts for various specific areas within MOTU, the current roles and
teams involved in MOTU Leadership are summarised on the wiki (1),
along with an overview of the process by which new roles and teams
should be identified.

    Apologies if anyone was missed: please update the page to reflect
the current status.

    Thanks are due to Jordan Mantha, for compiling the information,
and to all MOTU Leaders for their continuing efforts.



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