REVU Coordinator assignment meeting

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at
Tue Mar 11 16:25:08 GMT 2008

REVU Coordinator applicants,
    As a reminder, the REVU Coordination assignment meeting will be
held at 21:00 UTC 14th March 2008 in #ubuntu-meeting.  Please reply to
this email with a short summary of your (or your team's) plans for
handling REVU for the next cycle, and make sure that your supporters
can attend the meeting.

    The format of the meeting will consist of short introductions by
each applicant, in the order of their application, followed by
discussion of the various platforms, and determination of the new REVU

REVU Users,
    If you would like to influence the future directions and use of
REVU, have a favorite REVU Coordinator canidate, or are otherwise
interested, please attend the meeting, and share your support and
concerns.  Your feedback is essential in ensuring that REVU is
coordinated well, and the flow of new packages for intrepid meets your


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