Cesare Tirabassi norsetto at
Sat Jun 28 19:09:09 BST 2008

On Saturday 28 June 2008 18:57:05 Scott Kitterman wrote:

> I think +2 with no objection is enough.  I think that informally we mostly
> operated this way and it worked well enough.

If there is consensus than we ought to formalise it. It might have been clear 
in your mind, but it was not clear at all to me that this was the case and I 
would have acted differently in many cases would I have known it.

> I do think it's reasonable to consider the source of recommendations and
> accept advice from experts.

It is indeed in principle, but on the specifics dipends very much on the 
grounds against which the advice is given. For instance an advice like "yes, 
we miss this application" is not, in my view, to be considered as a sound 
advise for the purpose of granting an exception.

> Along those lines, I think delegating specific 
> packages/package types to specialists (e.g asac and mozilla related things)
> worked well and should be done again.

Definitively. A real plus was also the policy of bug-fix releases only do not 
need motu-release approval, I think this worked pretty well too.


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