Wine 1.0 as a Stable Release Update

Scott Ritchie scott at
Sat Jun 21 11:59:43 BST 2008

As of Tuesday, Wine made its first release, 1.0.

Unlike most Wine releases, 1.0 came after a 6 week code freeze and a lot
of regression testing.  Over 100 bugs have been closed on Wine's
bugzilla, and about 10 or so on launchpad are solved by Wine 1.0 (eg,,

Since Hardy currently offers a beta version (0.59), which may have some
regressions since Gutsy, I think our users would be best served by
pushing out Wine 1.0 through hardy-updates as opposed to
hardy-backports, much like FireFox 3 was.  Aside from getting the
bugfixes to more people, there are other advantages as well, such as
giving third parties a stable version of Wine to target.

Any thoughts on this?

I'm not sure which bug to mark for the SRU process, as there's so many
to choose from, but I thought I would start this up on the mailing list
here as Wine 1.0 is a bit different from a normal SRU (though not much
different from FireFox).

Scott Ritchie

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