Packaging JBoss AS for Debian/Ubuntu

Florian Grandel at
Wed Jun 18 21:16:09 BST 2008

Hi Ubuntu MOTUs,

I am currently helping out in packaging JBoss AS for Debian. It's a 
first time experience for me so please do not expect me to know the 
Debian and/or Ubuntu processes very well.

1) Who can I talk to at Ubuntu to coordinate packaging with the Ubuntu 
developer team or to get sponsorship from Ubuntu? How can I make sure 
that there is no duplication of efforts at Ubuntu? Is there a Java 
mailing list or a Java developers group for Ubuntu?

2) What do I have to do to make sure that the package can be admitted to 
Ubuntu universe once it has been released to Debian contrib? (It 
certainly is our goal to replace all non-free dependencies but this is 

Please reply to my original adress in CC as I am not (yet) a member of 
the ubuntu-motu mailing list.


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