don't use bug tasks for transitions

Stephan Hermann sh at
Tue Jun 3 11:33:54 BST 2008


sorry for the delay of replying to this thread, but the LinuxTag was
not so good for reading and writing mails ;)

On Sat, 31 May 2008 02:35:03
+0200 Stefan Potyra <sistpoty at> wrote:

> [...]
> >
> > >Finally, one option to handle transitions via LP was also
> > >proposed: "it's easier to file [separate] bugs and tag those" [3].
> >
> > Tags have their own problems (see recent discussions on
> > ubuntu-devel).  I'd say it's much harder.  One mass bug is one
> > email.  One bug per package is one email per package.
> The problem afaict is that mass bugs generate email, for each
> package, even if this package is already fixed. And yes, tags have
> their own problems. That's why I wrote that it could be one option.
> I'd be eager to hear what other solutions exist for this problem.

as long as LP doesn't offer a real task tracker...there is no solution
(without introducing new tools which are not linked to LP).
The discussion is always about workflow tasks...and not about real "bug

So...what are the LP people thinking about adding workflow structures
to LP? IMHO this could be also a good "business case" for customers...



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