Can we have a source package in multiverse with a binary package in universe (Was: mplayer should be moved to universe)?

Cesare Tirabassi norsetto at
Mon Jun 2 09:23:32 BST 2008

> Consider the case that a ubuntu derivative (xubuntu, mythubuntu, etc)
> decides to include the mplayer binary package on their live cd. They would
> still be required to provide and offer the source package to all software on
> (in most cases a seperate) CD. This can become pretty delicate, since now
> the CD will contain stuff from multiverse, which is known to be very
> problematic (at best).     

I don't know either what the implications of having a source in multiverse and 
a binary in universe are, or if it is at all possible. I'm cc'ing this to 
ubuntu-devel, just in case somebody wants to enlighten us.

But for this example, I don't really see a problem:

Why would a derivative be obliged to offer sources on a CD!?
What would be different from today, with mplayer on multiverse? For what I 
know, mythubuntu has it on its CD (as many other multiverse packages, mythtv 
and its depends are all in multiverse).


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