Time Consuming Jobs

Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Tue Jul 29 10:35:13 BST 2008

My fellow MOTUs,

as you all know and feel, I was a bit silent regarding packaging and
uploading for intrepid. The reasons for this:

1. A lot of time consuming private life (yes, that's prio one)
2. A lot of time consuming real life work 
3. A lot of work managaging and doing work on Project Leonov.

Because of this, I'm a bit silent regarding my uploads and packaging
duties for the universe area of Ubuntu, that means not in the top ten
of the uploaders this cycle ;)

For those mentioned reasons I come to the conclusion, that I should
step down from one position I have:


Right now, regarding my other duties, I'm more a non-productive part of
the team, therefore I would like to give this position to someone else
with more time.

This doesn't mean I'm stepping down from the Universe Packaging Part,
I will start to push packages again, but this cycle not as hard as I
should ;) ...the priorities are set differently, and I think
you will understand that Leonov right now is more important to me and
our team then pushing packages to Universe (IMHO we get a lot of good
new contributors right now).

Regarding help for Universe, I'm still on irc and following the
development, so I'm quite able to answer questions, but packaging and
developing an application is a hard thing to accomplish, so I'm
focusing right now on development.



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