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As anyone who've been following along in #ubuntu-motu, I've been
working to roll out a series of upgrades to REVU in a hope to bring it
more in line with 2008 in terms of usably and look. The first of these
major updates, openid based login to Launchpad, hit production today,
and has brought up some concerns.

The largest one is that Launchpad's openID server is incompable with
NoScript because OpenID requires a POST to the Launchpad login server.
As I don't use NoScript (I find AdBlock Plus alone works well enough),
this went by undetected by both myself and anyone who  beta
tested the code.

Personally, I don't believe that its too much to ask to require people
put a noscript exception given the fact that by using OpenID since it
allows removal of  revu-uploaders (the current production REVU
doesn't use the revu-uploaders group in any way)

As we al know, REVU historically has required you to join
revu-uploaders, and then hunt down an admin to get your key synced or
updated, which I always felt was klunky, and rather clumsy way to do
things. Now that REVU uses Launchpad IDs, it also grabs and
imports/updates GPG keys as needed on each login from the individual
users page, which I find is a much sleeker solution. It was pointed
out to me though that having revu-uploaders though allows people to
see how you have to be a member of a special group to commit to the
archive. I personally don't see the point, as you still need to manage
a username and password on REVU, and the upside of instant key syncs
greatly outweights the downside or requiring finding an admin or
waiting 24 hours for a key sync.

Finally, I figure it should be addresses is that REVU also got a face
lift concluding the openid upgrade. This was based off quite a few
people's wishs who saw the new look on my beta server , and thus
pushed it out to the production server. This skin is still a work in
progress (and a tan option will be made available soon wish). Anyone
wishing to comment on the new layout is free to either leave comments
here, or (perferably) again the "REVU is ugly" bug. If enough people
feel we should return to the old skin, I have no problem rolling it

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