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Emmet Hikory ha scritto:
>     This is roughly the same as asking the question: if someone wants
> the job, hasn't been making mistakes, and remains preferred by MOTU
> over other volunteers, why wouldn't we wish that person to continue
> regardless of any arbitrary procedural deadline?

I agree with you, Even if new blood improves overall quality and gives
responsibility to more people in MOTU team, having a veteran team member
who provides guidance over several cycles can be of a great help to
newcomers (if he/she agrees to serve for it, of course).

> In the extreme case where the
> application of a candidate led to strong arguments for and against, I
> would expect escalation to MOTU Council under dispute resolution to
> resolve the dispute.

That's reasonable. I think we won't come to this point because we are
close as a group, but if things would change, MC to have the final word
is a guarantee IMHO.


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