MOTU Leadership Teams - Membership Policy

Emmet Hikory persia at
Sat Jul 26 10:12:58 BST 2008

Stefan Potyra wrote:
> as I've been quite puzzled by the mail in the first place, I'd thought I make
> it a little bit more clear what was discussed during the meeting and what was
> Emmet's action to take after the meeting (i.e. to write a proposal).

    Thanks for the clarification, and my apologies to all if this
appeared to be the proposal as a result of the MOTU Meeting rather
than just one of many discussed options.

> To clear up: below is Emmet's proposal:

    I have to give Jordan credit for fleshing out my original "I don't
really like voting, and think people should volunteer for stuff"
position into something more concrete (although he may not agree with
the final result: I've not asked for a draft review).

    Also, my understanding from the meeting was that this was to be
one proposal of many.  I'd like to see others, so we might select that
which we believe to be best.  Some possible candidates which could be
fleshed out to describe a process:

A) Fixed terms with some election process at each term end
B) Appointment of team members by MOTU Council
C) Selection of team replacements by existing team members
(alternately with confirmation positive/negative by MOTU for each
proposed selection)
D) Floating terms with some election process after each resignation
E) multicandidate election from amoung all MOTU each cycle (where the
top N winners are on the team (and voters are expected to vote for
each other MOTU (possibly indicating that a given individual should
not win))).
F) Don't bother with a policy, and use the regular MOTU decision
making process to select/change team memberships whenever we decide to
have a thread about it.

    This is not intended as a comprehensive list, nor does it
represent my support of the above described options: it's more
intended as examples in the hopes that others who would prefer a
specific different policy present that for discussion (as much as I
dislike voting, I dislike independent binary decisions on a successive
set of options more: eventually we all get annoyed with how many
options we've seen and approve the next one just to end the option
selection process, rather than on the merits of that specific option).


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