python-xml package changes in hardy

Révay Gergely revay.gergely at
Tue Jul 22 14:36:45 BST 2008


sorry to bother you but we got a little confused after upgrading our 
computers to hardy. The thing is that we used the xml.xpath class from 
the python-xml package which worked just fine under gutsy. But after the 
upgrade we had to face that a few things had changed in the whole xml 
handling part of python in the packages of hardy. We found out that the 
python-xml package still has everything what we would need but since it 
is going to be removed it installs itself outside the sys.path. So we 
started to find a way which we could use instead of this. And there is 
the python-4suite-xml package which seems to have the same functionality 
but with an absolutely different structure so we would need to modify 
our codes.
The question I would like to ask whether there is a 'official', defined 
way to get rid of the python-xml package and use something else but 
without modifying the source? Or is there any documentation about these 
changes and the workaround?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Best regards,

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