plptools config error

Robert Kaiser kaiser at
Mon Jul 21 16:20:54 BST 2008


not sure if this is the right place to post this ... is anyone here 
maintaining the plptools package? 

The plptools in ubuntu (hardy) are malconfigured. The problem manifests itself 
when using the plpprintd daemon. The daemon attempts to access files 
named "fontmap" and "" which it expects to find in 
directory "${prefix}/share/plptools". The correct directory name (for Ubuntu) 
would be "/usr/share/plptools", i.e. ${prefix} is included in a string 
unsubstituted. Rebuilding from source, i managed to work around the problem 
by hand-editing the autogenerated file "include/config.h", 
replacing "${prefix}" by "/usr", but there has got to be a better way to fix 
this in the distro.



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