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Neil Williams codehelp at
Sun Jul 20 17:32:31 BST 2008

On Sun, 2008-07-20 at 18:05 +0200, Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Osamu Aoki:
> > I found some of my packages are offered as a part of Ubuntu archive.

Have you found any that are not?

> Same here.  In my case (debsecan), it's a bit irresponsible because the
> package doesn't really work on Ubuntu--but it's not readily apparent to
> potential users.  Furthermore, it uses server resources provided to
> Debian, and not to Ubuntu.
> What's the correct way to get it out of Unbuntu (universe)?  I don't
> want to relicense it, but if asking politely does not work, it seems to
> be my only choice.

How would you relicence it in a manner that prevents use in Ubuntu but
retains DFSG compatibility to remain in Debian main?

Trying to ban Ubuntu usage would, AFAICT, fall foul of "discrimination
against fields of endeavour".

I ask because emdebian-tools isn't intended for Ubuntu either. See [0] -
emdebian-tools also depends on server resources provided only by Debian
(in this case, the package repositories containing compatible packages
which I can use to generate cross-dependencies).

"emdebian-tools is not intended for Ubuntu but I don't have a way of
encoding that in the package. emdebian-tools is tightly integrated into
Debian (and Debian unstable in particular) and is, naturally, a Debian
native package (it was written to support Embedded Debian after all, not
UbuntuMobile). It isn't intended to work on Ubuntu because Ubuntu does
not provide the foreign packages needed for linking when cross building,
those come exclusively from Debian. Same with apt-cross, it is
exclusively designed for Debian, Debian mirrors and Debian buildd
configurations. How is emdebian-tools meant to cross-build for ARM on
Ubuntu when Ubuntu does not provide ARM packages and makes changes to
the equivalent Debian packages? To me it seems highly unlikely that
cross versions of Debian packages would install over a Ubuntu base,
especially when those packages are the typical debootstrap selection
that have a variety of changes in Ubuntu. I don't run Ubuntu, I have no
inclination to test for Ubuntu and as no-one else has offered, I cannot
support Ubuntu."

How many packages could be in this situation? I don't expect it to be
many. Some form of filter on the Ubuntu side may be necessary.
Alternatively, is there a package that I can list in Conflicts: that is
only present in Debian derivatives? Yes, any mechanism could be abused
but MOTU-people could always file bugs in the BTS about such usage.



Neil Williams

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